MATTEO SEDDA - Matteo Sedda

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Matteo Sedda is a Sardinian choreographer and performer. He worked and still collaborates as a dancer and choreographer for different artists such as Jan Fabre, Enzo Cosimi, Aïda Gabriëls and Igor x Moreno.

Since 2018, he has been an artist activist against HIV/AIDS. In connection with his status as a person living with HIV, he brings a choreographic research obsessive marked by a strong physicality. His work pays homage to the dead artists of GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) by establishing a contemporary dialogue with the past, but also uses the/his infected body as a tool for observing the society.

‘Sedda is showing the best dancing performance of the top-class Impulstanz Festival so far. He can do absolutely everything, from ballet to acrobatics, prancing like a boxer, swirling like a dervish frenzy over the stage…’
KURIER - Silvia Kargl

‘In his first work, the twenty-nine-year-old Matteo Sedda delivers a convincing, intimate portrait of HIV which, though occasionally lacking in rhythmic and showing a few clumsinesses, is touching in its simplicity and extreme honesty.’ - Alban Orsini

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