Mount Olympus/24h - Matteo Sedda

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Mount Olympus/24h
Mount Olympus. To glorify the cult of tragedy, a 24 hour performance is one huge slab of history dipped in a sea of time. It is humanity’s time, time of the birth of tragedy, of the descent into hell and the volcano of evil, ceaselessly spewing its ashes. Its breeding grounds are the hubris, blindness and cravings of man. Over and over, man stumbles over divine commandments, falls, and drags along generations of time.

Simultaneously distant and nearby, we recognize outlines of stories and characters taken from Greek tragedy. These characters have their faults torn open by Fabre, are left in tatters, beaten by violence and Homeric laughter and fervent ecstasy. However, tragedy is forced to share its spotlights with time. What is time, in theatre? What happens when time is stretched out, until it relaxes and unravels? Is this a sort of hallucination? A dream? What is it like to wallow in the swamp of insomnia.

Mount Olympus is shaping up to be a unique experience. Come climb that mountain, dive into that ocean. This will be unforgettable.

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