VITAMINA - Matteo Sedda

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Never Stop Crolling Baby

A solo performance about the infinite act of scrolling, which confronts us with the velocity of our times as we continuously expose ourselves to a pornography of information. We choose to face this unsatisfiable scopic drive which keeps us glued to our screens, constantly injected with new stimuli of visual violence, messages and notification sounds. As contemporary gladiators in an era in which the concentration of a goldfish is greater than ours, and in which our identity has fragmented into a myriad of colourful content, proposed by social media algorithms.


Alessandra Ferreri, Matteo Sedda

Matteo Sedda

Sound and light design:
Joshua Vanhaverbeke

Artistic Co-ordination:
Alessandra Ferreri

Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Bruxelles (BE)
Motus Musica e Danza, Sassari (IT)

With the support of:
Amsterdam Fringe Festival (NL)
Le Grand Studio, Bruxelles (BE)
Théàtre de Vanves, Paris (FR)
DANCEHAUSpiù, Milan (IT)
Danza Sassari Danza (IT)
S’ALA, Sassari (IT)
Igor x Moreno dance company (IT)
Detours Festival, Bruxelles (BE)
CC du Pays des Collines, Flobeq (BE)
CC Bruegel, Bruxelles (BE)

With the support of:
the SUITCASE programme by Artist Project/ Iles aslb, Bruxelles (BE)
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